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It all started when I was very young, my uncle who influenced me greatly, said to me, “Most artists can paint, but rarely can you find one that can see and feel”.


As I thought about his statement, I realized that there is a breath and width that embraces knowledge of how one applies a medium as a means to communicate both a visual idea and the feeling that surrounds it. To further provide me with examples of what he was saying, he continuously exposed me to the works of various artists who were skillful at evoking both a visual and emotional response. From this realization, Dalton Brown the artist, was conceived.


Dalton completed The Art Institute of Chicago’s Bachelor of Fine Arts Programs in 1974. He entered Southern Illinois University’s Graduate Program in 1976. That year, in conjunction with the local school district, he began “an artist in residence” in East St. Louis, Illinois and in St. Louis, Missouri. He has received a number of prestigious awards and commissions throughout his career.


Daltons work has been described as follows:


• “Dalton Brown (artist in residence) has brought us into a world full of mystery which is yet, somehow familiar. His drawings, studies and his finished paintings are complex and sophisticated works as inventive in form as they are beautiful in their abstraction of human form. His exciting compositions are enhanced by a very rich use of color which through the mood it evokes, slowly draws from one’s non-cognitive responses in which a kaleidoscope of thought and feelings are called upon”. By Luba Ross



• “During the eighties Dalton Brown was one of the founding members of Turtel Onli’s Black Artist Guild and he is back with a vengeance. In his current show “Black Men” the images seem to manifest from swirling lines of force. Teamed with the dynamic expressionist painter Juarez Hawkins, Brown’s fragmented layers of multiple meanings in the Rhythmistic style works well with Hawkins’ gestural lyricism”. By Nathaniel McLin



• “The work startles the observer in a way that is difficult to compare to anything else. He is not into the classic urban/brownstone stoop or church-hymn popular culture associated with African American artist. Indeed, his strength as a visual stylist strikes me two-fold: 1) He paints with an explosive style that doesn’t just sit back passively and wait to be noticed, and 2) rather than create the faithful renditions of everyday situations, Mr. Brown delves deep into the things more internal, more psychologically symbolic. Into a place where light does funny things, animals drink water from the gutters of imaginary streets”.

By Bryce Franqiemor Guillory


Today, Dalton works as a painter and sculptor from his Beverly, Illinois studio. Dalton has always kept true to the words of his uncle and has expanded those words as the operating theme in his work.